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NEW PAINTING WORK | Waves and Dunes Paintings

Left: Waves © 2016 by Angela Heath
Right: Dunes © 2016 by Angela Heath

Meet Waves and Dunes, each acrylic on canvas size 12"w by 16"h.
This are my impressionist landscapes of Kill Devil Hills in the beautiful Outerbanks, North Carolina.

For sale separately or together.
Check out more of my paintings at: www.aheath.faso.com.


NEW QUILTING WORK | 2016-2017 Collection | Future Code

My 2016-2017 quilted collection of designs is called Future Code. I've finished my cutbook of designs and have been sampling these designs on fabrics for the past few months. The first three quilts Future Code, SinePlay and PixelBall are in the binding stages and will exhibit in 2017. Yes, it's a long process! Learn more about Future Code at: http://www.fabricworksstudio.com/future-code/.  
Image credit: Future Code © by Angela Heath

NEW PAINTING WORK | Silver Lake, Lavender Hill, Aqua Gardens

Silver Lake, © 2016 by Angela Heath

Lavender Hill, © 2016 by Angela Heath

Aqua Gardens, © 2016 by Angela Heath

Meet Silver Lake, Lavender Hill, and Aqua Gardens. These are all scenes from my new abstract landscape series. They are all acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 inch and are for sale at my abstract painting website: aheath.faso.com. Be sure to sign up for updates at the website.


INSPIRATION | Eileen Fisher and Sustainability

Image and logo credit: Eileen Fisher Website, http://www.eileenfisher.com

Eileen Fisher is one of my inspirations. Her company and fashion brand makes and sells simple, classic clothing that is sophisticated and beautiful. She tauts the use of sustainable fabrics not just for the "fad" of it but because integrates with the vision of her company.

I remember when Eileen Fisher introduced her brand in 1984. She started with only $350 and a dream of doing simple, Japanese style clothing for women. I saw her early collection of Japanese kimono like tops and wide legged pants in black, burnt umber, white and gray. The collection was too expensive for me at the time but when I became a professional, I purchased some of her iconic pieces. The simplicity of her pieces reminds me of Donna Karan's brand. Simple and classic.

Years ago, when I started FabricWorks Studio in 2004, I wanted to emulate the simplicity and timelessness of Eileen Fisher. I don't quite think I'm there yet but I feel like FabricWorks' pieces are clean, simple and contemporary. It is an aesthetic that I aim for each time I produce a piece.

Sustainability at Eileen Fisher

As a company, Eileen Fisher has always aimed to create pieces in the USA and use organic fabrics like cottons, linens and silks. Nowadays, the pieces are not only made with organic fabrics, but are dyed using BlueSign technologies. Eileen Fisher is one of few fashion houses to use textile dyehouses that use the certified BlueSign technologies. According to the Eileen Fisher website, they use a dyehouse in China and one in Barcelona, Spain. (http://www.eileenfisher.com/certified-dyeing/bluesign-certified-color-without-compromise/)

Image and credit: Eileen Fisher Website, http://www.eileenfisher.com

Fabrics and dyeing are just a few ways that Eileen Fisher (EF) promotes sustainability. EF is the only fashion brand that accepts lightly used clothing from its customers. Yes, that's right! You can basically recycle your EF clothings for $5 and the company will sell the clothes and donate the promote to causes for women, girls and the environment.

Eileen Fisher is a globally-oriented company that believes in businesses making a positive change in the world. They have made being socially conscientious a business practice and not just a hip thing to preach. I also love that years ago Eileen actually sold the company to her employees and maintains a position as the head creative director. It shows her long-term commitment to empowering others around the world. Read about the company's "Vision 2020" at: http://www.eileenfisher.com/vision-2020/.

Here are some good resources on Eileen Fisher and her company.

How I Did It : Eileen Fisher, Inc Magazine

Be a 'Don't Knower': One of Eileen Fisher's Keys to Success, Huffington Post

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